Shiny Chrome Blink Blink Treeson is Coming from Bubi Au Yeung x FluffyHouse

A video posted by Bubi Au Yeung ☻ (@bubiay) on

Hollywood blockbusters. I like’em! Heck, I enjoy them - well most of the classic 90s anyways (we can call 90s’ movies “classics” now, can’t we?), and one of my favs HAS to be “T2: Judgement Day” (“Terminator 2” to you younglings … ”I’ll be back!”) … so when I peeped THIS shiny chrome BLINK BLINK TREESON on it’s creator’s Bubi Au Yeung’s Instagram @bubiay, first thought: “T1000”!

And the gold-heart (at end of branch) adds a sweet touch to the figure, IMHO. Would we see a reverse colorway Treason (Gold Body with Silver Heart)? And indeed, “Treeson Is Back!”, thanks to Fluffy House!

The next toy-evolution of Treeson is scheduled for an August-drop . Stay tuned for further updates!

(Below: T100 from the movies)

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