Acorns & Romeos by Fanny Kao for #STGCC2016

ACORNS and ROMEOS by Fanny Kao will be returning to Singapore this weekend, with the debuting of a few new coulorways of her creations at the coming weekend’s STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) with both PVC collectibles ACORN in Vintage BLACK+WHITE, and MINT GREEN, and as well ARMY GREEN ROMEO available at the Genesis4 Booth AA89&90 in Artist Alley!

As well they will be made available in an online release from September 11th @ 10pm Taiwan time (EST 10am; GMT 2pm) via No doubt there’ll be tons more goodness from the Taiwan-based designer, and you are recommended to stay tuned to her Instagram @fufufanny.kao for further updates!

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