First Look at “Dragon Boy Super” (& Blackie the Dragon Pup) by Martin Hsu @ #STGCC2016

On display at the STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) is Martin Hsu’s DRAGON BOY SUPER & BLACKIE THE DRAGON PUP - in vinyl!

A collaboration with Rotobox, the body-form seen here resembles their “Miniciel” figures (recognise the arms/hands from Dragon Boy Super resins?), and Blackie The Dragon Pup gets a new adorable chubbier/fluffier body, compared to his previous lean body! The colorway will match the video animation featured in the tablet behind the display - which no doubt a clearer visual will be unleashed online, when the time is right and ripe :p

Scheduled for a 2017 release, this pair will be produced by PowerCore x VTSS Toys! Stay tuned for further updates … meanwhile, MORE PICS!


(Exclusive event photography by Thero Dennis)

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