First Look at "PO" by Scott Tolleson X Pobber @ #STGCC2016

Revealed at STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) was the display debut of a new character from Scott Tolleson; named “PO” - lying casually in a bamboo-steamer tray, belying his dimsum origins of being a steamed dumpling!

To be produced by Pobber Toys, the unpainted prototype on show was sized around 3.5-inches tall, and would look platter-perfect alongside his other adorable edible brethren Paco Taco (also made with Pobber) and Kookie No Good (produced by DeKorner).

Planned for a 4th quarter 2016 / year end release, the larger “PO” seen on display was print made by Jake Lee (of Pobber) for show only. Would that have been too much “Po” for you folks? Or would you prefer a larger dumpling? Weigh in I’m the comments section below!

More details when I have them :)

(PO displayed alongside “Combat” by Ron English!)

(Additional exclusive event photography by Thero Dennis)

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