Tenacious Toys’ Pitbull as a 3” Sculpt by NEMO

Mike Mendez AKA NEMO has gone and beautifully sculpted a 3-inch tall figure, of Tenacious Toys’ Pitbull mascot! (Insert image below-right). Stay tuned to @tenacioustoys on Instagram for eventual availability!

This lil’angry cutie will be cast-up for entry in Tenacious Toys’ “Resin Is King Series 3”, in an exclusive color produced in a run of only 10pcs in the bliodboxed series, to be made available at Neww York Comic Con 2016 Booth 309! As well Benny Kline added: ”Later on we will probably run this adorable little mascot in other colors and sell in the shop…”

FYI: The pitbull head logo (and also the new Tenacious Toys font logo) were designed by Alex Rivera aka Playful Gorilla!

UPDATED Look at painted piece!

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