Arcane Divination The Clairvoyant 8” Dunny by JRYU x Kidrobot

PRODUCT PRESS: "In conjunction with the upcoming Arcane Divination Dunny Series, Kidrobot is proud to present J*RYU’s “The Clairvoyant” 8-inch Dunny. Having the ability to perceive events in the future the clairvoyant is a pivotal medium to any Tarot reading. This Dunny comes in a bone white colorway, along with a 3″ Dunny crystal ball and is sculpted in true J*RYU style. Pick one up today and have a clear vision of your future collection! Limited to 500 pieces worldwide."

Currently pre-orderable on at US$100 per, for a February 2017 ship-out. Getting this piece is a easy decision! But GETTING it before it gets sold out (like his 8” FAD Dunny escaped me), is another challenge altogether, methinks! Seems “Preorder” might be THE way to go, no?

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