Customs for P!Q x Kidrobot Confection Affection Show from Tasha Zimich & Patrick Wong

Today we are sharing images for a couple of custom-rabbit made for P!Q x Kidrobot Confection Affection Show at New York Comic-Con 2016 - on display at PIQ's Grand Central Station location Oct 6-12th. Remaining pieces will be available via

Tricky Treats_logos2b

Featured above is the yummy 5” Labbit custom by Tasha Zimich named ”Tricky Treats”!
"The show's title got me thinking: I love candy- too much. We have one of those toxic romances where I'll pretty much subsist on candy and caffeine for a full day, and then spend the next day only eating cucumber and bananas to atone for my sins. And painting eyeballs is pretty much my artmaking equivalent of a candy binge. So in my mind, candy & eyeballs was the only logical direction, haha."
Tricky Treats_logos4b
Tricky Treats_logos1b
Patrick Wong PIQ 1

For Patrick Wong's "Sleep" Labbit-custom, he took up the ubiquitous PEZ candy dispenser and mixes in the iconic alien character from the cult classic film "They Live". The PEZ wordmark is appropriated to write "Sleep" and this refers to one of the many hidden slogans found in the movie. The final result is a 11.5" tall piece, complete with two extra candy packages!

Patrick Wong PIQ 2

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