DINO by MonsterLittle x Unbox Industries at #TTF2016

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Debuting at the coming Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10) is Ziqi Wu AKA Monster Little’s DINO, produced by Unbox Industries! And while neither prices nor quantities are mention for this two colorways show, you can look for them at Booth A86 (Wackymons X Monster Little). The Black and Red would be PERFECT for a “TOYSREVIL-Edition” tho! But alas this was not meant to be …

Scroll down for a few more peaks of the 4.2 inch tall soft vinyl Dino I managed to paw at the recent STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), and I reckon it is a handy size and pretty tempting a collectible, which is infused with ZiQi’s “cute” aesthetic, with a vinyl figure that has “bulk” in it’s design to give it a look of “heft”, but compared to the white-with-crown all-resin, is much much lighter!

Could someone help grab me the black-n-red tho? :)

IMG_8701 copy
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292 copy 2

(Additional exclusive event photography by Thero Dennis)

... and hey! What's THIS about a WHITE DINO??? :)

White Dino

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