Miss Muju’s COSMIC NIGHT OWL Now On Kickstarter

Miss Muju has just launched her latest sculpture on Kickstarter: THE COSMIC NIGHT OWL! A Pledge Goal of £2,500 until the deadline on Nov 7th, 2016.
"The Cosmic Night Owl is a clear sculpture cast in bio-resin, standing 3.5" tall. This figure has a hollow in it which sits over an LED tealight to create an illuminated, colour-changing sculpture."

There are 3 versions of the Cosmic Night Owl available through this Kickstarter campaign:
*The Aurora edition is a clear blue sculpture which comes with a colour changing LED light.

*The Sunset edition is a clear orange sculpture which comes with a warm white LED light.

*The Twilight edition is a hand painted version of this sculpture.

(Cheers for the headsup, and good luck for the KS, Katie!)

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