POPEYE GRIN by Ron English x ToyQube x King Syndicate


Revealed at the recent New York Comic-Con 2016 was the classic spinach-eaton’ sailor given the modern “twist”, thanks to Ron English, with this being the first of a ‘Artist Series’ featuring Popeye, officially from King Syndicate!

“POPEYE GRIN” stands at 10" tall (quantity TBD) and is currently available for pre-order on for US$165.00 apiece, for an est. arrival Q1 of 2017.

Doesn't look articulated, and some with a huge grey base (judging from the looks of the image of the display in NYCC), but with a hella dynamic pose, and looking utter splendid, IMHO! Ron had just been announced "Artist of the Year" by Designer Toy Awards, so this is an apt and welcomed reveal too!

Ron English ToyQube

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