Interesting Collectibles Seen at #DesignerCon 2016 (Part 2)

Continuing my “Interesting Collectibles Seen” at Designer Con-post yesterday, today we take a look-back at yummies seen on “Part One”, as the event winds down / ENDS in Pasadena, USA, and my Monday morning begins here in Singapore (yes, I live in a “timezone-future” :p) - with images from Instagram - becoz that’s one of the only ways I can roll with DCON happening halfway around the world from my life :p

As before, items named as best as I can, in the cations of the Instagrammed pics, thanks :)

*DISCLAIMER#1: Of course there might be TONS more product out there, but I’m only going going on “hashtags” here, so a HEADSUP on your product would be appreciated, fhanks!

*DISCLAIMER#2: Folks interested to snag anything featured here, can click on the originators (linked in IG) to find out direct on availability of items - and Good Luck with your toy-hunt!

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