SUPER7 Rolls Out M.O.T.U. Products from Mattel on Nov 16th

Come Wednesday, November 16th, Super7 will be offering up a slew of Masters of the Universe products on behalf of Mattel (announced circa SDCC 2016) - featuring a variety of new made-to-order pre-sale products, shipping early 2017.

I will attempt to update this post with images (when they are unveiled), meanwhile, here is a list of what is to listed!

New M.O.T.U. Ultimates Line:
MOTU Classics Ultimate editions of fan favorites He-Man, Faker, Ram Man, Skeletor, and Teela. Each Ultimates figure comes in brand new presentation and includes a range of accessories and parts, never before available in one package!


New Three Terrors:
The all new vintage-inspired line of MOTU continues with characters from the new animation, "The Curse of the Three Terrors"! The full-color, cartoon accurate releases of Possessed Skeletor, Terror Bat, Terror Jaguar, and Terror Wolf come packaged in classic-era blister cards, authentic to the last detail. (MORE images Featured HERE)


Temple of Darkness Sorceress:
The 3.75" retro-action figure variant Temple of Darkness Sorceress recreates the all-white costume of the Guardian of Grayskull. Packaged on authentically detailed blister card featuring artwork by Jason Edmiston.


Cartoon Edition Japanese Soft Vinyl Figures:
Beast Man and Skeletor reimagined as 1980s Japanese soft vinyl action figures, now available in the classic 1980s toy and cartoon colors.

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