Unbox Industries @ #TokyoComicCon 2016

Besides the release of the event exclusive CHUNK (designed by Jim Chen), Unbox Industries (Booth #N-11) has as well premiered a number of goodies, including their Alien ‘Xenomorph’ Storage Egg (seen above), the Giant Sized UAMOU x Spongebob Squarepants licensed figure (alas, only available for purchase in Hong Kong), 3 new ORION colorways available for purchase (designed by Brandt Peters), and thanks to @part.timellama, we get to see a full-shot of @nomiwa2016 Oni-Spongebob and Patrick (teased for DCON and *heart* to bits hahahaha).

Will update with more pics of displays when I can … meanwhile, stay connected to Instagram @unboxindustries for updates over the weekend!

Killer Mr Rotten Donuts

Above image shows the ‘alternative head edition’ of “Killer Mr Rotten Donuts”, with paint sample provided by @Tetsunori Tawaraya himself for Tokyo Comicon. And featured below is ‘Blue crab verion’ colorway of Jubi Yang’s “The Gigantic Crab Kaiju”!

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