BAT BEAR "The Darkish Knight" Edition by Luke Chueh x Mighty Jaxx for a Jan 28th Drop

Mighty Jaxx has just teased the 3rd colorway for Luke Chueh’s BAT BEAR to be unleashed soon - VERY soon, in fact pre-orders will begin January 28th on for the MONO "The Darkish Knight" Edition! Details will be updated once they are revealed!
"Based off Luke's original painting created for a Batman themed art show back in 2007, we had spent a year working closely with Luke Chueh to develop it into a collectible bust." (IG @mightyjaxx)
Luke Chueh added on his Instagram;
"This colorway is supposed to emulate the Return of the Dark Knight costume colors. That's why I refer to it as the "Darkish Knight" variant."

Previous releases include the “Regular” colorway of White Bear with Blue Mask, and the Gold-Mask on Black, last seen at STGCC2016.

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