Godmachine’s DEATH PURITY Edition by Mighty Jaxx Releases Jan 14th (+ Seen @ #STGCC2016)

”Deep within the dusty recesses of the dark, lurks a lonesome being feared by the unwise and treated unfairly by the universe. Brace yourselves, Death is making it's return from the darkness.”
Godmachine’s DEATH PURITY EDITION by Mighty Jaxx will be available on January 14 at In a Limited Edition of 100, each 8" tall Polystone Art Collectible is priced at US$100. This is the 3rd Colorway to be unleashed!

The White colorway - along with all-Black and Black-w-Silver - were first seen on display at STGCC2016 (Below images via Thero Dennis - exclusive to TOYSREVIL).

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