TOYSREVIL Wishes One & All A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

Bloggery across all TOYSREVIL-authored blogs are taking a break today on the first day of 2017 - but fret naught, for it’s business as usual tomorrow on the 2nd of January 2017! Well, at least as fast as I can catch up with all the blogs by my lonesome!

Here are some online spots you can consider for your regular reading sessions in the new year!

PopcornX = Film-blog
I Like TeeVee = Television-blog
I Not Otaku! = for all-things-otaku and Japanese pop culture!
Flashback80s = Retro-blog perpetually throwbacks :)
#GoLocalSG = for what’s happening in the Little Red Dot that which is Singapore!

(Currently Active) MOVIE MAFIA:
#starwarsallday = for All-Star Wars all-day everyday!
Ghost In The Shell = fanblog for anime & live-action films!
BLADE RUNNER WWW = for Replicants & Blade Runners of the past & future!
DCEUFilms = for all-things DC Extended Universe Films
X-MEN on FILM = for all X-Men related films
Transformers, Roll Out! = where Autobots & Deceptions battle!
#akiramovie = Keeping AKIRA the anime alive!
REELNATION = for Made-in-Singapore Inide + Commercial Films
#ironmanfan = for all-Iron Man-all-day

ANIM8TE = for all-animation all-day!
#MakeADrawing = for time-lapse videos of artists at work!
#iliiike = for Design & Lifestyle
TOYSREVILART = my own humble sketch/doodle-blog :)

TOYSREVIL 1/6 Kitbash-blog = I am still a 1/6th hobbyist at toy-heart :)
#mybootlego my Hobby-blog for Bootleg Legos Mini Figures!
#gachaGachaGACHAAA! = for all-gashapon toys all-day!

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