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Book-Review: Paper Robots ("25 fantastic robots you can build yourself")

"Paper Toys" thrived for quite a few good years "on the TOYSREVIL-blog, where I had exclusive paper toys for free downloads, for event sales, a contest (Dookie-Poo Paper Jam), and I even wrote a "Forward" for a paper toy book "Urban Paper" back in 2009! Then newsery quietened down to nary a peep the last few years (or rather, news stopped popping into my humble inbox), whereas the paper toy culture remain active in Facebook groups, and I suspect select quarters which paper toy enthusiasts themselves thrived in…

So it was with quite a surprise I was graciously asked by book curator and paper toy practitioner Nick Knite to write a "Forward" for PAPER ROBOTS. And while I had only posted a few IG snaps before, today I'll share a few more page snaps!

I Love Robots. I Love the designs in the book, love the creations - most of which left me in awe and delightful wonder, and if I were brave enough, I would frame up most of the printed template pages! Although of course I should instead make paper robots out of them, I know, I know … :)

For folks interested in expanding your paper toy collection, with superbly designed ready-to-make printed paper robots (25 of them), then PAPER ROBOTS is the tome for YOU! Currently purchasable here on Amazon and as well from the book publishers Released in September 2913, also do check in with your fav retailer(s) and/or bookshops to see if they stock it.

DESCRIPTION: "A must-have for papertoy fans and soon-to-be fans of all ages! In this book you will find 25 robots to assemble. Each wild and unusual design comes with its own interesting and unique background story. These robots and their stories were created by the most renowned papertoy artists from around the world. The artists were selected by one of the foremost papertoy designers, Nick Knite, who has a network of fans and fellow artists worldwide. All the robot templates in this book are perforated and scored, making them easy to assemble. Just pop out the individual parts, fold them, glue them together according to the instructions, and then—set these robots loose!"

(VIEW individual images HERE on my Facebook-album)


"Paper Robots" in SG

Just received this in the mailbox today, from the publishers of PAPER ROBOTS! A tome of 25 x Paper Robots - easy-to-fold pre-scored designed templates - designed and created by 14 exceptional paper toy creators, curated by Nick Knite, along with humbleness and honor I say, a "Forward" written by yours truly (my second published "Forward", the first being on a paper toy book too, actually!).

Currently purchasable here on Amazon and as well from the book publishers Here are some quick Instagrammed snaps to share (with a cleaner review somewhen later).

(FYI: Apologies for this big image posted tho,
but i could not resist ... this time only! ;p)


TOYSREVIL Loves Papertoys! Exclusives For Your Downloading Pleasures

The TOYSREVIL-blog loves papertoys. Hell, my second published writing was a "Forward" for Matt Hawkins' "Urban Paper" (one of the prouder moments in my blog-career which not many knew about, or cared hahaha ) in 2009.

Thru the years, I have the support of a myriad of papertoy-designers with which I could provide a number of exclusive paperboys for FREE DOWNLOADS. I realized this is the first instance that ALL of them have been showcased together in one single album here on Facebook - including download links! OR you could go to the menu-links on the left side of this blog for direct links to blog-posts! *ENJOY*


Night of the Exquisite Corpse @ Light Grey Art Lab


Opening Friday at Light Grey Art Lab (a gallery and workshop in Minneapolis) is a custom papercraft show, called Night of the Exquisite Corpse! A papercraft zombie template was created and 52 artists were invited to create custom artwork based on the theme of the undead!
"Each piece consists of 3 parts, legs, body and head, which can be mixed and matched to create tons of variations! Besides having the constructed pieces in the gallery, we'll be displaying the flat artwork in template form, for visitors to get an idea of how much work and thought went into each piece." mentioned co-founder of Light Grey, Chris Hajny.

(Check out more previews of builds by clicking HERE for full-screen slideshow). As well there will be an interactive gallery, where you can mix and match different designs. Check out when the event launches. Find out more about the show here on their blog. We haven't seen a papertoy-show for quite a while now, so this is a treat, methinks!


FREE Pencil DIY Template by Shiny and colourful


TOYSREVIL very rarely received information about papertoys these days, so it is always a treat to receive new-news, in this instance from Mark Janssen at Shiny and colorful with his new DIY version for his paper toy 'Pencil' (previously featured HERE) up for grabs via FREE download from or via my Mediafire (PDF-file).


TOYSREVIl-Turns-5: Exclusive Birthday Car from Horrorwood


Flashback 2009 ~ the month was August, the event: TOYSREVIL settingup a booth-space at the Singapore Toy, Games and Comics Convention (aka STGCC). And one of the many goodies which made it's debut at Booth C16, was the limited edition Convention-Exclusive TOYSREVIL-Edition Calling All Cars by Jack Hankins aka Horrorwood! Available exclusively at the Con, in both a Regular and Jumbo edition, the signed-papercraft-template had it's fair share of the limelight and interest on the con-floor.


Now Fast-Forward to 2010, to the here and now ~ as we celebrate the collaboration yet again, this time in celebration of the TOYSREVIL-Blog Turning 5 with a uber-cool prezzie from Jack! Featuring an updated version of the TRE-CAR, with the angry-square in a party mood and a wrapped present up top ~ you can download the car-template FOR FREE HERE (6.26MB / PDF) - (Awesome work and thanks, Jack!)



Flight of the Conchords Paper Toys by Morgan Gleave


PRESS: "At long last, the Conchords are free to fly! Download your very own paper Brett and Jemaine, along with Jemaine's Bass Amp, and recreate your favourite scenes from the funniest accapella digi-bongo comedy out there!"

Created by Morgan Gleave (author and creator of Anywere Chronicles) and based on the comedy-duo / HBO tv series characters - you can now download the paper-craft musicians via :)


Papergangsta by Thunderpanda


Eric Wiryanata aka Thunderpanda has created and let ripped a new series of papertoy characters numbering 7 strong - presenting the PAPER GANGSTA series! CLICK THRU to read about each individual character, and go direct to to download them to make your own gang, and terrorize other papertoys LOL

Smoking Ace: the leader, an ex boxing champion with one arm bigger than the other because of a malpractice of steroid injection.

Gina Claws: a lady with pair of crab's claw. she joins the gang after Smoking Ace ask her to join. Without clear purpose.

Pink Moe: a piece of meat that loves emos, but because of his the weakest sometime used as bait for the enemy. and often bullied by the other, mostly by Horror Time.

Robord: a robot with soul of samurai.

El Scorcho : a luchadore that originally from SOuth East Asia, that choose a new path as part of a world dominator gang.

and two more members that currently away, and don't have money to return back home:

Horror Time: A skull that listening to the Misfits, Bauhaus and other horror band. And he can steal your soul.

Grmblllood: a mutant from dirty sewer that adopted by Smoking Ace.

Eric-says: "The first five characters are available for free download, but the last two would be available after someone donate small or big sum of money, so they can go back home.
hope you can understand. :)"


Urban Paper: Book Launch & Paper Toy Art Show @ SUBWALK, The Netherlands (August 1)

PRESS: Gallery SUBWALK in Arnhem, the Netherlands opens on Saturday August 1st Urban Paper: book launch + paper toys art show. The show will be a celebration of the European release of the Urban Paper book and a showcase of the newest paper pieces by both national and international artists which will be on view throughout August. [CLICK THRU for more, including a little video preview of the Urban paper book]

The Urban Paper show opens on Saturday August 1st at 8pm with a slew of Dutch designers on hand and will be on view through August 30th (Click thru to view list). On Friday the 21st of August a lecture is held by paper toy pioneer Sjors Trimbach (creator of Brickboy and paper-sculptor of PHONETICONTROL's Thought Processor).

SUBWALK urban art + culture [www]
Hommelsestraat 65 - 6828 AJ Arnhem - +31 (0)26 4420904 - -

PRESS-CONTINUED: Paper toys are the fastest growing trend in the designer toy world. Through their free online availability they form a unique platform or both designers and collectors. Urban Paper is the first book to capture these toys. It contains 26 ready-to-build paper toy templates by top designers, interviews with the artists and a step-by-step how-to on designing your own paper toys.

SUBWALK’s Urban Paper show brings the best one-of-a-kind handmade paper toys by all Urban Paper contributors such as: TETSUYA WATANABE, BRIAN CASTLEFORTE, BEN O’BRIEN, FILIPPO PERIN, MATT HAWKINS, MCKIBILLO, JACK HANKINS, SHIN TANAKA and KENN MUNK. It will also premier new paper toys designed exclusively for the expo by Dutch artists: LOULOU, MARSHALL ALEXANDER, MAARTEN JANSSENS, MATTHIJS KAMSTRA, RINGO KRUMBIEGEL, DOLLY OBLONG and SJORS TRIMBACH.

For more info: get in touch with Roos ( or Sjors Trimbach (

(cheers for the headsup, Dolly!)

[Urban Paper in 90 seconds / via]
Product Description:
Hip designers will love this collection of 25 paper toys ready to be cut out and built. This fun project book includes step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and a section about how to design your own paper toys from scratch. Plus, a bonus CD-ROM features patterns for all 25 toys and even more templates to print out. Complete with interviews from the toy designers, this fun guide gives you everything you need to build and even design your own cutting edge urban paper toys.
About the Author:
Matt Hawkins is an incessant doodler. He lives in Kansas City with Alicia, Henry and Lily. By day, he works at a C3, a children's marketing agency as an illustrator/papertoy designer. By night he stays up way too late in his attic studio making designer papertoys for his own amusement and freelance papertoys for clients. He shares his papertoys with the world at He's always cutting or folding or glueing something.

[All product info & text via Amazon / previously posted on TRE]


3Eyed Bears' The Killer & Soldier Papertoys for Bloeddorst

Maarten Janssens aka 3EyedBear has released two paperkits for horror comic-magazine Bloeddorst - featuring KILLER and SOLDIER!

Killer [www] features "visual elements of Jason, Freddy, the guy from 'I know what you did last summer', the screwed orphan from 'the Orphanage', leatherface and a few more horrormovie ingredients is meant to be some sort of superhero-killer and lethal to other papertoys." - says Maarten.

With Soldier [www] "I hope to get an army created all over the world of zombies (the other all-time classic horror-hero). The crows are just there to fill up the page (honestly) and create the death-atmosphere."

Keep a watchout for another papertoy for Bloeddorst by Maarten - which "will probably be spooky :)" = *Cool*


Nite Owl II & Rorschach (Karnak Editions) Nanibird Papertoys by Horrorwood

Jack Hankins aka Horrorwood decided to go the "fan-boy" route and reinterpreted "Nite Owl II" and "Rorschach" (Karnak Editions) on Nanibird papertoys by Josh McKible!

Download and make your own Watchmen Nanibirds via or via


Andy Stattmiller & Jesse Balmer for Thought Processor SF Series

On-left is the trippily-laidback duder by Andy Stattmiller - whom may seem to be trying to get the above-right intense tricloptic-creation of Jesse Balmer - to chill ... but alas tis just the positioning on my image-posting [CLICK on images to view larger coolness].

Yet another preview of what to expect at the Thought Processor SF Series group art show & exhibition @ Super7 on June 6th 2009 [tagged] featuring a paper-construct designed by Phoneticontrol and sculpted by Sjors Trimbach.


Creating Bertie by MOOPF

TRE got down and bugged Gareth Lancaster aka MOOPF [www/DeviantArt] about his papertoy named BERTIE. ), READ THRU about the genesis of his first papertoy creation :)

(And if you must know, I'd gotten wind of Gareth's creation via his Twitter)

TOYSREVIL: How was Bertie created? What led to it's creation?

MOOPF: Bertie really came about through just wanting to try my hand at paper toys, and deciding on something fairly simply in construction as a first attempt, but something that would hopefully create some interest from other artists who could see potential for customising it. I'm somebody who's always trying new mediums, for the challenge as much as anything.

MOOPF: In terms of the way Bertie looks, it takes a lot of cues from a character style that I've been working on for a few months now, centering around a character called Arthur, who you'll see in my deviantArt gallery mainly as a spaceman (hence the cut out front on Bertie), with fairly short legs and long arms. Bertie was really an attempt to transfer those basic style cues to a much more angular paper toy, trying to retain the overall feel of the character. It's part of a whole process of becoming comfortable with the Arthur-style character, and seeing how it translates into other mediums - I've recently pixelated the character as well, worked on a small sculpture of him and had artist Jennifer Bryan produce a plush of him as part of the same process. It all helps me to understand the character better, get to know it, and refine it.

TOYSREVIL: Looking forward to Arthur's development too! Back to Bertie - what's Bertie's "story"? And why "Rainy Day"?

MOOPF: Bertie itself doesn't have a story but the underlying character Arthur has one that's in development, in conjunction with a character called Charles who can really only be described as a multi-eyed caterpillar, called a Bugapilla. You'll see these appear in several pieces on my deviantArt gallery. I'm not really ready to expand upon their back-story yet as it's still in flux and I haven't made any concrete decisions yet. The main thrust for Arthur and Charles is a children's book, but that's a way off yet, and I'm not going to rush it.

The first custom of Bertie that I've produced is called Rainy Day simply because the character is wearing a raincoat. This goes back to a previous drawing of the Arthur character I produced called Happy April Showers and was the starting point for the Bertie custom.

TOYSREVIL: How do people can a hold of the template?

MOOPF: I've made the template available via. deviantArt for people to use. A few artists have already been given the template and I can't wait to see what people produce. I've licensed it under Creative Commons and a zip file containing Photoshop, Illustrator and PSD versions can be grabbed here:

TOYSREVIL: Cool! Thanks for your time, Gareth - and in closing, do share with us a little about yourself.

MOOPF: OK, well I'm 35, married with two kids and have pretty much spent most of my life finding different creative outlets, although only really came back to drawing and painting in any real way a couple of years ago. I spent a long time writing ambient music, which I had some advertising success with and will be having several albums re-released on a net label in the near future, after some recent interest in the material. I've also been writing children's poetry for around 7 years (, which has led to some school visits, publication in english language books for non-English speaking children and their use on exam papers in several countries.

I also spent several years making virtual roller skates and bubblegum in Second Life (that's actually where I first used the moopf name, although I'd thought of it a few years previously). As my real job is as a software developer, I've also tried ways to merge the creative side of me with those skills and produced an iPhone game in September of 2008 called Hiqup. So, my CV is varied to say the least, and really everything is about trying to find creative outlets, whatever they may be, and certainly trying new things as much as possible. My main web site is although at present it's really just a collection of links to my work, and I will be replacing that with a proper web site, with obligatory blog, within the next month or so.

Horrorwood presents: Snake Eyes Artist Series 1

Jack Hankins aka Horrorwood rolls his paper-dices and comes thru with the winning Snake Eyes Artist Series 1 papertoys - available for your FREE downloading and building pleasure here - featuring the works of guest artists Shin Tanaka, Thunderpanda, Harlancore, Tougui (my fav in this series) and Overcast.


Josh Ellingson & Ryan De La Hoz for Thought Processor SF Series

Today's THOUGHT PROCESSOR SF Series [tagged] papertoy preview-update includes designs from Josh Ellington (below-left) and SF based artist and curator Ryan De La Hoz (below-right). CLICK on pics to see full-image, and CLICK THRU to find out what's underneath the helmet for Josh's TP-design!

WHAT-IS: Thought Processor is designed by Phoneticontrol and sculpted by Sjors Trimbach. The Thought Processor SF Series is a group art show & exhibition @ Super7 on June 6th 2009



Ursula Young & The Gross Uncle for Thought Processor SF Series (June 6)

PHONETICONTROL drops a couple of paper-toy design previews of what's in store for the Thought Processor SF Series [blogged] scheduled for an official launch June 6th @ Super7 (FYI: All the art and colorways from the series will be available during the show).

Above-left Thought Processor is designed by Ursula Young, and features a stark urban concrete jungle with blossoming flowers on the TP, photographed against lush greenery = *Coolness*

Above-right has The Gross Uncle's TP looks to be pretty "high" on euphoria and generally having a whale of a time, it seems, innit? = *Neato*

CLICK on images to view larger, and stay tuned to TRE for more previews of the Thought Processor SF Series!


Calling All Cars Wave 2


Like I mentioned to Jack on Twitter: it might be time for him to design and build a paper parking-lot or highway to hold all the paper-cars coming our way! Click here for the second series of Jack Hankins aka Horrorwood's CALLING ALL CARS papertoy platform series with Wave 2 featuring designs by Machintoy, TheDayDreamKid, Macula, Matthew Gilpin and Collin David :)

[Wave 1]


Thought Processors: Brew Tea Full Series

Last teased in March, PHONETICONTROL's Thought Processor: Tea, Heat & Water trio of papertoys are now ready forr your downloading and crafting-pleasures @

Thought Processors are Phoneticontrol-designed x Sjors Trimbach-constructed papertoys and this trio was created specifically for Eric's brew Tea Full solo show @


Paper Totem! by Dolly Oblong (featuring Shin Tanaka)

Dolly Oblong has a new paper toy custom project called PAPER TOTEM! = in which a selected group of designers from around the world is asked to "carve" their own custom. Together these multi-coloured mascots will make one giant paper totem! The project has kicked off with 3 customs (shown above-right) made by Shin Tanaka - which are currently downloadable @ = These will be availabe for free download for people to collect + build + stack :)

(cheers for the headsup, Dolly)


Hoody Call For Artists by DMC

Daimen over at DMC is calling for artists to contribute their designs for his HOODY papertoy. A blank template will be emailed over to you when you contact him at (Tell 'em TRE sent ya!) Currently a dateline of June 1st has been set for collecting finished templates, whereby he will build each model and release them as the First Series of artist Hoodys. Check out further details on the DMC-blog
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