Combat-R-Zero Fan Art Contest: Judges' Pick Grand Winner and Public Voting Selection

And the JUDGES' PICK WINNER for TOYSREVIL's I Like Toys x Atomic Mushroom Toys' COMBAT-R-ZERO FAN ART CONTEST by unanimous decision is Anton Dirkin! [@ Big Maow]

Anton mentions in his initial submission: "Regardless of the outcome I have enjoyed going back to my own childhood memories to when I dreamed about Gigantor and the like, many years ago. That is the basis of this art work." ... the overall raw charm of this piece just cannot be denied, and won over both Judges! Congratulations, Anton!

Anton wins a Superset of 5 Combat-R-Zero vinyl figures (including the GID-"Plutonium" variant) - courtesy of AtomicMushroomToys!

As for the initial-mentioned "4 Finalists" for Public Voting ... well, let's just say our decisions weren't as unanimous, and after careful deliberations, we have instead 6 FINALISTS that we need your help to choose by voting for - to win 2ND, 3RD, 4TH and 5TH-Place!


the 6 Artwork chosen for Public Voting belongs to: Dave Bates / Jared Decosta / Plandanet / Ron Comes and two entries from Ben Nunez! (click on each image to view larger) *Note: numbering of artwork randomly chosen and not in order of preference*


01. Voting period begins NOW on 19th May 2008 and ENDS 2nd of June 2008 by 11:59pm (2359hrs / +8 GMT- Singapore time). so you folks have 2 weeks to decide! thanks for your trouble folks!

02. Vote by leaving your comment(s) in THIS blog-post with your chosen ALPHABET-assigned to the artwork shown here (in bottom-left of each image) - names are fine but indicate which artwork you chose for Ben Nunez (as he has two in the list) Voting on the CRZ Fanart-blog will not be counted (but feel free to comment)

03. Please vote only one time (per commenter) for your fav artwork. Multiple votes from a single person will be voided (if discovered). *Do Note that Coments are currently moderated, so don't freak if it does not appear immediately - thanks.

04. "Anonymous Voting" is allowed (ie. you do not have a website or blog of your own), but please leave behind your working email-address. If such situation when it is discovered the same person has voting on multiple Finalists, all his/her votes will be voided. Altho I do recognize some of my readers (by name)

05. If you are uncomfortable with leaving your e-addie, do feel free to email me at toysrevil [at] gmail [dot] com to register your vote!

06. Artwork with the most total amount of votes (via blog-comments and email) received will decide on their placing - ie: most amount gets 2ND-place, 2nd-most number of votes gets 3RD-place, so on so forth. ONLY 4 PLACINGS / WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED.

07. 4 FINALISTS will also walk away with one CRZ figure each, in their choice of colorway. the 2nd-placed winner will get to opportunity to choose his/her desired colorway, followed by the 3rd-place winner with whatever colorways left, and so on so forth. *Note: The CRZ Colorway selection does not include the GID-Plutonium variant. (Prize Updated 20.05.08)

08. In the event of a tie or not enough votes to determine clear winners, the Judges will decide.

09. The Judges will reserve the right of Final Decision. The Judges' decision is final.

10. The Judges reserve the right to alter or amend the rules at any given time of the Voting Period, without any given reaso(s).

p/s: for those still interested to share your CRZ-fanart with everyone - do feel free to upload them on the CRZART Flickr-group (but will not be eligible for this contest)


Anonymous said…

greg dot easton at cox dot net
GaryGepetto said…
Congratulations Anton! I enjoyed all the submissions, but Anton's had that childhood charm that instantly grabbed me. He also tackled a tough angle to draw. Congrats to everyone who participated.
A very worthy winner, wicked illo and a fresh concept. Great stuff!
Anonymous said…

Unknown said…
Congrats, Anton. I really liked your choice of angle, illustration style, and the overall feel of the piece. Very nicely done :)

Big thanks to TRE and Robert DeCastro for running the contest, it was fun!
Anonymous said…
Thanks everyone involved in the contest and thanks for all your kind comments. It was a lot of fun to do and its not hard to see the effort from all the entrants when you consider the superb CRZ vinyl, Robert from Atomic Mushroom has produced.
Thanks again everyone!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Anton! I liked your drawing... :)

My vote is for Dave Bates - B
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i like f
Anonymous said…
Ian said…
Well done everyone!

My vote is for Dave Bates - B
krakit said…
I like them all so voting wasn't
easy for me. Here's my vote : A
R. said…
Tough choice, but I'm going with E. I'm not sure how, but it just strikes me...
Sean said…
I'll vote for the one that didn't use Photoshop-- C, Jared Decosta.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations everybody, congratulazioni a tutti da Obokiki
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Jared Decosta - C

Anonymous said…
I'm voting for C. Since it's an actual painting.
Anonymous said…
I'm voting for C
Anonymous said…
I'm going with E for the color and focus all well done though
I'm gonna have to say "E".
toysrevil said…
tis 10-minutes pass the final deadline - and public voting is hereby CLOSED from this point on.

thanks to all who've taken the trouble and time to vote - i'd dare thank you on behalf of the finalists! LOL

and to those who'd left a comment without identifying yourself with a url-link or email, your votes will not be counted. which is unfortunate, but thems the rules and we have to be fair.

thanks for understanding anf have a fab week ahead, everyone! :)