toysrevil-exclusive free downloadable dookie-poo lounge diorama papertoy

Had your fun with the Dookie-Poo Arcade Set? Tired of the non-stop gaming and joy-stick handling? How's about changing into something a bit more comfortable? Put on something a tad more soothing than 8-Bit sounds, and put your feet up, and relaaaaaax ... No, I'm not propositioning you (but then again, it IS a pretty cool Friday night ... *ahem*) but here's a decidedly different theme for your downloading enjoyment, with the chill-out groovilicious Toysrevil-Exclusive DOOKIE-POO LOUNGE Vinyl Enhancement Paper Kit / Diorama Set!

Designed and created by Dookie-Poo's creator Manny Galan, the Dookie Lounge Paper Diorama set includes his swinging single lounger on scarlet-velvet, a faux-tiger-stripe carpet to roll around in ... eerr... I mean, rest his weary feets on, and a retro-boxed turntable with a selection of LPs, to complete that bachelor pad feel (martinis not included - do Poovillians drink alcohol anyways?). And of coz not forgetting Dookie's night-robe and fez'd cap = *groovy*


And for your imminent enjoyment, I've also arranged for a little "mood" music - as you print/cut/paste/play - with a selection of eclectic lounge-ish tunnage @ TRE.MUXTAPE.COM :)

Made specifically to enhance the playability of a 4-incher tall Dookie-Poo Vinyl Figure (currently purchasable online HERE - distributed by DKE Toys) - do feel free to download the two pages of paper kit templates by CLICKING ON THE TEMPLATE-IMAGE below (2490x1626 / 2422x1571 pixelsize - opens in new browser) - click HERE for more Dookie-Lounge dio-pics and stay tuned this weekend for more Dookie-Surprises :)




Ashton323 said…
Wow. How prolific are you guys. Seems evertime i log on there is a new paper model. Seriously though, being a paper model enthusiest this is a rocking way to get more out of simple, but cool, vinyl toy!
Gary Ham said…
Manny is a paper making mad man!They've all be brilliant Manny!
david said…
Dude, I love Dookie´´s taste in music. Those album choices are rockin
Anonymous said…
hey i love these!!!
where do i get these dookie paper toys?