Masterpiece Collectibles & Firefighter 02 @ #STGCC2016

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Masterpiece Collectibles is a home-grown brand that produces what you might term as “mass” collectibles, but at the same time is considered very “niche”, as it mostly produces scaled model vehicles and figures on local / Singapore’s Emergency and Rescue, Law Enforcement and Military Services, and even transportation!

In their STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) booth they had on display the entire selection of their vehicles and figures, including the Real Hero Series 2: Firefighter (featured earlier), designed by Shinzo, featuring a new Water Gun (FYI: The “02” meant “Series 2”, rather than “H20” :p).

(*I Reviewed Firefighter S1 HERE*)

And if you noticed the characters posted at the base of the display case? That’s a sneaky preview of an upcoming series jin the Real Hero line, featuring law enforcement figures, designed by Shenzo!

SAM_3449 copy

Scroll down for more snaps of their booth (as well uploaded HERE on the TOYSREVIL Facebook), including a handy look at the Firefighter figure itself! Mind you, this is NOT the full toy review, so stay tuned for more on TOYSREVIL!

SAM_3448 copy SAM_3447 copy
SAM_3446 copy SAM_3446 copy
SAM_3443 copy SAM_3442 copy
SAM_3441 copy

Stay connected to Masterpiece Collectibles via their / Facebook / . And while they currently do not have a storefront of their own, you can physically purchase select items at their locker #P08B, at Plaza Singapura Toy Outpost, Singapore!

(Additional exclusive event photography by Thero Dennis)