DOKTOR A's Mechtorians & Customs for DesignerCon 2018



Bruce Whistlecraft AKA Doktor A (Patreon / Coverage #onTOYSREVIL) will be crossing the pond and helming his own table at the coming DesignerCon 2018 (Nov 16-18), offering up the following awesomeness via his Booth #300!

ALSO, you are recommended to stalk his Instagram @doktor_a for further updates and reveals!

The line-up of "Unique Mini Customised Figures" include three Tinpos, a Qee Egg, A Greg Simkins figure and a small Dunny. All of them stand around 3-inches tall, and will retail for US$100 to $150 each. Bruce added; "Some, but not all will be available on Preview night. The rest will be open for sale at the main door time. Any remaining after the show will be offered online."

"CYMON CLOPS" is the latest Mechtorian created, and will be available in two editions: The DCON Exclusive (above), and the Verdigris Bronze Editions (below).
"Stamp collector and studier of really tiny things. He opted for a single eye of superior magnification than two eyes of a lower standard."
The red painted edition is in a run of only 10pcs made, each priced at US$100.

The Verdigris edition is in an edition of 50pcs, launching at DCON, Price is currently unrevealed.

Standing 4" tall, each resin "cold-cast" piece is hand made in England, has the same inset glass eye as the painted version and comes boxed. Each DCON edition comes with a real cast metal winding key.

The next Mechtorian character figure is "TALL TITFERS", also available in two editions: The DCON Exclusive (above), and the Verdigris Edition (below).
"For Designer Con I have created a very limited hand painted edition of just 10 pieces of each of the Three Tall Titfer characters. Each figure comes with a real solid cast metal key. There is the Teal Topper, Emerald Bowler and Red Fez. Each will be only $50."
"Tit for tat - Hat. Get ahead! Get a hat! In this case literally. In Mechtoria any object from a building to an item of clothing may in fact be a sentient person with their own opinions and desires. So putting together a harmonious outfit may take on an entirely different meaning. These hat-based characters are launching at Designer Con with this verdigris Bronze edition of 50 pieces. Each figure is around 2" tall and comes boxed. They will also be available online after the show."

A new addition to the Copper Creeps line are the MINI METAL COPPER CREEPS! Making their debut at DCon, Series One features the Bride - who stands 1.75" tall, while the Monster is 1.25" (and a chunky little nugget) Yes, they are actually "metal" and are each priced at US$10.

Also launching at Designer Con are MINI METAL PINS featuring the Bride and the Monster (below), with each comes carded for US$10. They will be available online after the show.

"As well as the Tall Titfers there are just the Titfers. Hats without tentacles.. You know, like... hats! Designer Con will see the launch of this extended range on mini resin collectibles. The Topper, Bowler and Fez will each be available in a Pewter, Bronze and Verdigris finish. The edition size of each version is 100 pieces. These hand cast 1" tall figures come bagged with a header card. They will be available online after the show."

Also keep a keen eye out for Bruce's upcoming MINI MECHTORIANS blind boxed series from Kidrobot! This all new series of 3" mini vinyl toys, introducing new characters from the retrobotic world of Mechtoria, and is a follow-up series to Series One, produced and released by MINDstyle a decade ago! So would this be a "10th Anniversary Release"? :p