Collectibles @ Shanghai Toy Show 2019

All I could do was watch the event unfold the past weekend for Shanghai Toy Show 2019, while offering up a smattering of "field reports" as only an armchair toy-tourist like myself could muster, and doubling down my earlier postings (Such as THIS), with exhibition images updated, and reposted here for your clicking-considerations :)

"YES", of course I am missing tons more at the event, and I will try to find/discover and update (Headsup would be much appreciated) ... before the onslaught of Thailand Toy Expo 2019 (May 2-5) wedges away my online-attention away, that is :p

And one of the reasons why I repost/embed images, is because they are more likely clickable/linked to the originators of the toys featured, in case you might want to bug them for post-event availability, cheers :)

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SEEN @ #STS2019 #shanghaitoyshow #shanghaitoyshow2019; top-left: ENBT #Astromouse from #Disney x #Popmart x @coolrainlee (Booth B61) /// Event Images on #TOYSREVIL: top-right: Upsized #ErosionMolly from @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo x @kennyswork2006 /// Event Images on #TOYSREVIL: bottom-left: LITTLE BOBBY from @anatoy_official (Booth B67) for display NOT for sale /// Event Images here: (Pics via @redlife1972) bottom-right: Army Green Version #SuperMecha PANZER from @mechnoiz_toys Since #SoldOut! (Booth A72) /// Event Images Updated here: #ENBT #coolrain #t9g #instinctoy #kennywong #anatoy #littlebobby #mechnoiztoys #vinyltoy #designertoy #SEENatSTS2019

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Top-left: The debut of "ENBT Astromouse" from Disney x Popmart x Coolrain (Event Images HERE). I'll def try to update on any possible online availability!

Top-right: Upsized Erosion Molly from INSTINCTOY x Kenny Wong (Event images HERE) on display. Unsure if they were on pre-orders tho ...

Bottom-left: LITTLE BOBBY from ANATOY (Event Images HERE) made its display debut, but was Not For Sale at the event.

Bottom-right: Army Green Version SuperMecha PANZER from Mechnoiz Toys Since #SoldOut! (Event Images Updated HERE)

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SEEN @ #STS2019 #shanghaitoyshow #shanghaitoyshow2019; top-left: Upsized SKOLLS from @sunnyandcloudyweathershop (Booth B93/95) /// Event Images Updated #onTOYSREVIL: top-right: New figure "TWO" from @jtstudio_tw (Booth A29) /// Event Images Updated on #TOYSREVIL: bottom-left: New colorway LABUBU RANGEAS from @xt9gx x @kasinglung (Booth A62) /// Event Images for @thelittlehutco Updated here: bottom-right: New "BTTF" ("Back To The Fools"? :p) from @foolsparadisetoys /// Event Images Updated here: #backtothefuture #sunnyandcloudyweathershop #jtstudio #t9g #kasinglung #how2work #alittlehut #thelittlehut #labubu #rangeas #foolsparadise #foolsparadisetoys #vinyltoy #designertoy #SEENatSTS2019

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Top-left: Upsized SKOLLS from @sunnyandcloudyweathershop (Event Images Updated HERE), with production by Xinghui Creations (I think?).

Top-right: New figure "TWO" from @jtstudio_tw (Event Images Updated HERE), among other awesome 1/6th and otherwise creations.

Bottom-left: New colorway LABUBU RANGEAS from @xt9gx x @kasinglung (Event Images for @thelittlehutco Updated HERE).

Bottom-right: New "BTTF" ("Back To The Fools"? :p) from @foolsparadisetoys (Event Images Updated HERE).