Angry Hedgehog Toys for #ToyArtUK 2019 (June 29)

Sam Costidell at sends over images+info for what he'll be making available, at the coming weekend's Toy Art UK 2019, via Table 06 (alongside Geistwulf and Wyrnworld Sculpts). You are encouraged to stake out his Insta @angryhedgehogtoys and Facebook

There will be 5 new colours of these 1 inch tall MINI BOOS (last released at Toycon UK) – in clear, milky white, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pink and fluorescent blue (also seen unpolished in below image :p). There’ll be 12 of each colour at the show, and they cost £5 each.

Introducing a new colourway of Smashbot, in Army Green. These guys are about 4 inches tall, are fully articulated for tons of posing fun, and come with stands and hex keys to loosen and tighten the joints as needed. There will be 2 of the Army colourway, as well as 1 of each of the Black and Yellow colourways which were released at Toycon UK earlier this year. Each Smashbot is £90.

The final main release for this show is the debut of the Shades! Those at Toycon got a sneak peek at these, but this is the first time they will be available for sale.
"I’ve made cool things with the Smashbots and older Wardens, I’ve made cute things with the Boos, this time I wanted to make something elegant where I can play with resin and try out some effects!"

There are two versions, tall and short – the tall is 9cm tall, short is 6cm. They’ll be available singly for £20, or in pairs (any colour combination) for £35. There will be 11 of each version, in a variety of colours.

"I’ll also have a very limited number of older pieces at the show for those who missed out before. Pieces which are unsold after the show will hopefully wing their way over to DCon – I’m not currently planning to put them up on my webstore this time." ~ shared Sam Costidell.