June 18/2019 #TOYNEWS #TodayonTOYSREVIL

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SAMEGO Micros Wave One from @nebbyart has since launched and made available online on Etsy and Carousell. A single blind-bag is SG$8, three-bags for SG$24, and a full 6 for SG$48 (No duplicates guaranteed).

Wave 1 consists of: 6 basic micros, 1 secret micro (1/24) a special one-off hand-painted micro (1/60)! As mentioned in my previous post, SAMEGO micros are only an inch tall!

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Kenner/Jedi/Holiday "Where The Wookiee Things Are PEW-PEW!" Boba Resin Art Toy from WheresChappell will be made available to Pre-Order June 30th 8pm UK time online here for £84.99 per. Ships end-September.

Available in 3 variants
1.JEDI (Green Helmet)
2.HOLIDAY (Blue Helmet)
3.KENNER (Grey Helmet)

This particular series is a mashup of Star Wars' infamous bounty hunter "Boba Fett" and "Where The Wild Things Are", with this approx 18cm tall Resin figure sculpted and hand painted by @whereschappell.

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An ad for the upcoming VAG Series 20 showcases an entire line-up of character figures from Kaori Hinata AKA @hinatique!

Introducing 5 characters to add to her widely popular MORRIS and CONSTANTINE (They just visited New York too!), with Pooka, Kinora, Classy Morris, Ghost Morris, Kitty Morris = each of whom come in 5 different color ways, making a total of 25 individual pieces to collect! Scheduled for a September 2019 release ... you know from previous releases, her 2.5 i ch tall figures tend to sell out quickly, no? Sort yourselves out with your fav retailers, folks!

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@strangecattoys shares with us word of TWO upcoming blind-box lines (currently available to pre-order online here, from @mupatoyMUPA Toy and @_._kik_._!

Both lines produced by @1983toys1983 Toys, BABY QUAY MAGIC POOP (above) includes 12 regular models and 1 hidden model (A display box includes 12 regular models or 11 Regular and a chance at a hidden model / Ships August 2019).

MALLOW CRAZY JOBS (below) includes 6 regular models, each with two different colorways, and 1 hidden model. (A display box includes 6 regular models + 3 different colors or hidden models / Ships August 2019).

SRP is US$12 per pull, US$140 per display box. I'd imagine MORE blind boxed series to come from 1983 Toys too! C'mon, you KNOW the toy culture has already entered a "Blind Box Renaissance", right?

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This might well be the first custom-painted release of custom ShiShi The Tiny Guardian by @the3dhero, on Bigshot Toys' 4-inch tall sofubi (@tiny_guardian_shishi)! Released via Tenacious Toys and since listed as Sold Out of its run of 5pcs (w/ chase). Price was US$125 and there are more images here.

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HolyWarhammer40KGoodness! Kosrobot reveals his ROGUE TRADER SPACE MARINE, with this being a painted version show, who he describes as "The figure is hand cast in resin. This would most likely be a DIY kit, that you’ll have to paint and assemble. You can build your Marine in 2 configurations..."

Standing 5 inches tall, possessing several points of articulation and multiple weapons - Expect availability by mid July, as a test run, limited to about 20-30 examples, for about US$40 a kit, in four color variants: blue, red, yellow, green. Read more in the image caption in below embedded IG-slideshow;

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Okay, let’s go! This is a Rogue Trader Space Marine. It’s about 5 inches tall, has several points of articulation and multiple weapons. The figure is hand cast in resin. This would most likely be a DIY kit, that you’ll have to paint and assemble. You can build your Marine in 2 configurations - this is the first one, I’ll post pictures of second configuration in the next post. I expect these guys to be ready by mid July, as a test run, limited to about 20-30 examples, for about $40 a kit. Would have four color variants: blue, red, yellow, green. Right away: it’s flimsy, so please note that this is a display model, not a toy. You can carefully pose it and put it on your shelf. If you try play with it, it might fall apart. If you want to play with it, then I’d recommend to find an optimal pose, glue some parts and keep it basic. If the first run sells well, then I might make an updated version, which would have less articulation, but would be more sturdy, for the sake of playing, as an actual toy, to play with. Please share your thoughts in the comments. #kosrobot #toys #actionfigures #wip #spacemarines #warhammer40k #40k

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Witness this "Kimpsons" custom by Madrid, Spain-based art toys maker-customizer/musician FER MG, made from original KAWS "Clean Slate" (Open Edition) 2018 platform #vinyltoy for a collector from New Jersey, with a direct inspiration from Homer, Bart and Lisa Simpson! Looking SUPER-clean, very much like a production release collectible too! Head to Insta @fer_mg_studio for MORE images, including WIPs!

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Prolific Thailand-based toy-designer Kaze Studio introduces his latest yummy creation: "EEGIE", currently available for pre-orders by commenting a number below this Instagram and/or picture.

The rendered-image shows a 9cm tall Polystone (Resin) in fluorescent, freshly cracked from the egg, priced at US$65 (includes shipping / product does not include dish :p), which to me is all kinda-nostalgic, and extremely relatable LOL

Updates via his Insta @kaze_tee!