June 26/2019 #TOYNEWS #TodayonTOYSREVIL

These are just some of the TOYNEWS I'd come across my daily socials, dated June 26/2019.
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Since the launch of Arcane Divination: The Lost Cards Dunny series from Kidrobot, @jryuart has revealed a trio of CHASE figures to be had, featuring two designs by J*RYU himself, and one from Camille d'Errico. Each figure comes with it's own mini tarot card featuring art by their respective designers.

""The Imprisoned Ghost" & "The Lost Ghost chase figures (design by @JRYUART) represents the unresolved, the conflicted and fragmented memories that remain indelible in one's heart and mind. The heartache is too much to bear so they are forever trapped in a prison of their own making, to keep others out, and preventing themselves from troubling others..."
""Strength" chase figure (design by @camilladerrico) represents one's own inner resolve, bravery, compassion and focus. Can you muster up the courage to face one's fears head-on on your own? Or will you succumb to the doubts that reside deep within?."
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Trivia Goh @trivialities has just released the "MARBLE Edition" of her resin SWEET NWEETS, available online here for $50.00.
"Resin 2.75 x 2.5 inches (W x H)
. Each piece is casted in resin with drops of black dye and entirely unique. The marble finish is enhanced with a layer of glossy top coat so as to achieve a statuesque look."

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Introducing "SISA" by @pixeldump = a 4-inch tall resin cast, hand-painted figure, who can change "personalities" by turning the "head" (see above video demo). The second batch of 30 x signed and numbered pieces are currently up for pre-orders (DM Insta for inquiries).
"Sisa is a girl who suffered from multiple personality disorder — which earned her the title, “the multiplayer geisha.”"

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"BABY BEYOND" by Alex Face was previously launched at Thailand Toy Expo 2019 in May, will now be made available online via mightyjaxx.com on June 29th. Item is in stock, so you don't have to wait for long (:p). Price / Make / Quantity TBC.

MJ adds; "As quantity for this online release is very low, friends who have attended TTE and left your email address for the raffle will receive a secret email to purchase this item first."

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Released earlier at Thailand Toy Expo, the "Space Odyssey" Edition of MAJOR TOM from Nattapong Atisup @thrilledtgu x @toyzeroplus is currently available to purchase online here, with this 8cm tall vinyl figure priced at HKD$320 (approx. US$41 / SG$56), coming in blister carded. (Remarks:Due to Website updates, all customers will need to create new account before shopping.)

"The retro-orange suit and white helmet, with detailed painting on equipments, Major Tom is ready for his space exploration!"

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UPDATED a NEW image showcasing the SIZE comparison!

Introducing the PUCKY DRAGON SERIES from POP MART x Pucky x Yi Wen, with particular design being inspired by a Chinese minority tribe called "Miao", "and the dress with hundreds of bird on means the best wishes of happiness and luck to everyone."

The details are AMAZING!

And while no particular "size" is revealed (as yet), it looks to be a "larger" figure (*In line with the "Molly Buzz Lightyear" medium sized figure?), it will be made available in a limited release, not blind boxed, as per their "usual" releases. Updates via @popmartglobal!

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HBO's Game of Thrones might have since ended, but the toys be rolling out of Threezero, specifically 1/6 Bran Stark collectible figure is available now in both Standard Edition (US$198) and Deluxe Edition (US$208 / with additional "warging" head sculpt)! All orders placed on threezerohk.com include worldwide shipping.

Both versions come with his (wheel)chair, touting ealistic wood stain paint application" and "functioning wheels". "The Bran Stark collectible figure features an authentically detailed likeness of actor Isaac Hempstead Wright’s appearance in the Final Season of the hit HBO television series Game of Thrones." (More images here)