Weta Workshops' Mini Epics Does MIB: International!

Not too keen on the movie? Not to worry, there are still plenty of collectibles to be had for MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL, especially with THESE Mini Epic figurines from Weta Workshop, featuring stylised interpretations of "AGENT M" (Teresa Thompson), "AGENT H" (Chris Hemsworth) and "PAWNY"!

"Agent M" stands at a decent 7-inches tall, they are each priced at US$29.99, pre-orderable here for September 2019 availability.

"Whip-smart. Can-do. Watch out for the new recruit. This ring-running Rookie will see right through you."

"He’s a hero with a devil-may-care demeanour. But when it comes to matters of Heart and Hair, Agent H is all business."

This declassified alien concept is a variant on the final film version of PAWNY, immortalized as a Mini Epic by Collectibles artist Mauro Santini. Weta Workshop’s Pawny figure comes in an extremely Limited Edition of just 4,000 worldwide. At 1:1 scale, "his diminutive size is film accurate!"

"This wee guy might look cute as a button. But don’t be fooled. He’s got one heck of a mouth on him."

(First featured on POPCORNX)