"Baby Kings of Monsters" Resin Sculptures by Giorgos Markou

A schweet-share on Facebook clued me into the art of Athens, Greece-based sculptor Giorgos Markou AKA George Markou, with BABY Versions of KING OF MONSTERS to be had via his Etsy store!

"I like working with monsterclay mostly and make copies of my sculptures out of epoxy resin."

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Looking like he escaped from "The Land Before Time", the utterly adorable GODZILLA BABY resin sculpture screams/squeeks "AWROOOOO" into the skies, trying to conjure forth his "Atomic Breath" (*would be "fun" if the insides of his mouth was "atomic blue", just saying'!). Priced at SG$39.68+/ US$29, this pre-painted cutie stands 3.15" / 8cm tall.

Looking like it's just fresh out of the cocoon, MOTHRA BABY resin sculpture stands 2.36" / 6cm tall (Price: SG$39.68+/ US$29).

KING GHIDORAH BABY resin sculpture is the most "fun" of the four, looking like triplets, each with their own personality, with this figure standing the tallest at 3.74" / 9.5cm tall, and most complex painted sculpture, priced higher than the rest at SG$47.62+/ US$35.

The baby-bird like look of RODAN can be "deceiving" of it's true kaiju-nature (as seen in the "Godzilla: King of Monsters" film ... which makes me wonder if he was a deviant since being a chick? Or just boiled with hatred since living in a volcano? LOL

The RODAN BABY resin sculpture stands 2.55" / 6.5cm tall (Price: SG$39.68+/ US$29).

And here's a "bonus" montage of images of the babies' initial sculpts, snaps via Insta @gio_grizzly!