A brand new week begins, and I have a brand new list for the weekly TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS THE PAST WEEK ON TOYSREVIL to share - based on YOUR reading/clicking choices, as recorded on my blog stats (Sunday-to-Sunday)! The only returning slice of toynews from last week was for "The Addams Family"-post ... so let's find out WHO the rest are, shall we?

Listed here in descending costs, with the bottom being the most popular of last week's posted toynews!

#10: ABCNT's ALICE IN WASTELAND as a poylstone collectible by Mighty Jazz was launched over the weekend for a 24hours "timed pre-order", and has since ended, I'm afraid. Did you manage to score yours?

I have to say, I am really liking the dioramic aspect of this figure, along with the frizzed-hair "Alice" in sneakers, of course...! Now we just NEED a top-shot of the piece, to fully savour the collectible creation, IMHO!

#9: Toy Artists Feature for #CultureCartel2019 showcased the quartet of names since announced for the annual hype-event: Coarse, Luke Chueh, Quiccs and Crybaby Molly! I had fun with this blog-feature, I admit.

#8: Joan Cornellà's "SELFIE GUN" In Vinyl has since launched for sales online and listed as SOLD OUT!

A prime example of the term "art toy" ("Artist Toy", IMHO), the 10-inch tall vinyl replicate of the original Bronze US$10K sculpt, this particular edition was listed with a run of "1000pcs", each priced approx. US$200- too ... Did you manage to snag yours?

#7: Banksy's "Gross Domestic Product" is now available online here, with purchasing conditions attached ... yes, you'd need to jump through some hurdles ... and you might even be able to get in on the approved Banksy dealership via his "Bbay" too, innit? Interestiiiiiing....

#6: The blister-carded New Colorways of 222kawaii "Just A Girl" Figures have been on my mind since featuring them last Friday, truth be told, and I certainly hope to be able to add them/her to my humble collection one day when I can afford to :)

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Featured #onTOYSREVIL: https://bit.ly/2qsiNek SWIPE thru to view (past) anime-themed illustrations by Alexander Iaccarino AKA #thatkidwhodraws - who is coming to Singapore for #SingaporeComicCon 2019 (Dec 7-8)! And unfortunately I do not know of any of these images will be available, sorry :p The Texas, Austin based artists also added: "I'm excited to travel across the world to share my artwork at Singapore Comic Con! We're planning a very cool panel I'm excited to share more about soon. SGCC attendees will get the first look at my newest illustrations I've managed to complete this year despite all the convention travels." (https://bit.ly/2qkPJVU) Stay connected to his Insta @thatkidwhodraws for more of his art! For all #SGCC2019 coverage on #TOYSREVIL: https://bit.ly/2P9voPp #golocalsg #toysrevilsgcc2019

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#5: Alexander Iaccarino AKA #ThatKidWhoDraws is coming to Singapore for Singapore Comic Con 2019 (7-8 December), and here are some anime-themed artwork to gawk at!

#4: Quiccs x Devil Toys x FLABSLAB's "Legend of The Red Baron" - Ghost of Kurosawa 1/6th has since been launched online for a 2-week pre-order event, alongside the "Encore Edition" of the Black GoK - all of which is a swell opportunity to newer fans/folks/collectors of Quiccs' Bulletpunk Universe to enter the toy-fray!

#3: Kaizer's "GRIN" resin collector since launched for pre-orders!
"Standing from the cyanic hellfire, grin is the embodiment of every negative energy that surrounds the cosmos, while in its physical form, one can bargain for the power one seeks, in exchange for an unknown price."
DM him direct on Facebook or Insta Instagram to order yours now :)

#2: "The Addams Family" Collectible Toys for 2019.

#1: White (Asian Version) rabbiTTrooper from CoolrainLABO since launched for online orders here!

Have a fab new week of TOYS, folks!