of chinese new year "tossers"

during the period of Chinese New Year, i dun really mind if peeps called me a "tosser" (no, not the British term, mind ;p), primarily becoz tis the "act of tossing" - "yu sheng", for which the "ceremony" is known here as "lo hei". and tis one of the fav part of CNY for me :)

"Lo Hei" (a Cantonese-term) is the act of tossing "Yu Sheng" - the higher you toss, the better luck you'll have! ... just try not to make a mess of the table LOL ... and remember to shout/spout auspicious terms and wishes while you're at it! :)
what is Yu Sheng:
"Yusheng or yee sang (from Cantonese) is a raw fish salad that was originated 1,500 years ago in China during the Song Dynasty Reign at the southern Chinese coastal area. Base on translation of the Cantonese word Yee Sang, this dish symbolises abundance and liveliness."
click on the image below for a video-clip of "lo hei" (to the strains of Foo Fighter's Razor ) - or go to my youtube (to view a smaller and clearer video) ...

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