terminator 2 judgement day sarah connor figure

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and while i always welcome a new 1/6th-femme figure, there's nearly always the heightened fear trepidation about how that figure would turn out, most importantly if the headsculpt /likeness of said figure is based on a known/recognizable celebrity/person...

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor typified the new emergence of a strong female-lead circa early '90s, in Terminator 2 (easily the best of the "trilogy") with her no-nonsense attitude and ripped-body. and from this image released by SideShowToys, there's only two things that pop into my action-figure-collecting mind: (1) does her head seem a tad big for her body? (i really hate that in SST >:@) and (2) when will that figure be released, so that i could put my grubby paws on it? more images when i have'em

added 16.05.06:
Sarah's up for pre-order now, with the tactical cap inclusive only with the "exclusive edition".

now i'll havtea say thats a great likeness of Linda Hamilton, innit? head-size looks just about right, except for the big-black-cap tho *snigger* :p

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