ken keirns' munny custom

sweetest munny i've seen in a bit, IMHO:

a Ken Keirn-custom done for his upcoming solo show @ the Rotofugi Gallery in May 2007 [info+image via]- you'd might recognize his previous works, with his signature gorgeous artwork and mystery femme peering down into your vinyl-soul muahahaha :)

i'll be keeping a close-eye on him in 2007, innit? and mayhap you should too = *cool*


LeeO Leng said...

Very very neat and skilled work ! The look a bit like those Russian Eastereggs though :-)

the casual llama said...

wow really lovely , i doubled the info to the designllama blog. keep the good work .

Ronnie Werner said...

Ken is a rockstar - love his work.

Ken Keirns said...

Wow, thanks a lot!
That's really cool of you.

toysrevil said...

agree wif ya leeo leng :)

thanks and no problemo, casual llama :)

and that he IS, Ronnie!

and you're utmost welcomed, Ken! and cheers for the link-up too :)

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