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folks constantly ask WHY i blog? blog about toys, about movies, pop culture yaddayaddayadda - things that are deprived me, on a daily basis. they ask "what benefit do you derive from blogging?" do you see a single red cent for it? is there adoration from faceless online fans you secretly revel in? do you trip-out on the respect given for your views and for spending that ridiculous amount of time online, instead of going out and making a regular living? /// READ THE ANSWERS HERE

the singular answer to all last three questions are, unfortunately (for me and my current fragile and petty constitution), a resounding, NO. no money (not yet :p). no adoration. no respect. no shitte, Sherlock! LOL

as for the very first question, i reckon the primary reason is; i get to geek-out. i get to talk/write about the things i enjoy and have a feel or passion for. and i get to have the opportunity to share with like-minded folks and online friends who grace my humble blog. and no, they are not "faceless", they are just "un-met as yet" and folks whom i may not get to (ever) meet in real-life, but for whom i have the fortune to have met online ... and no, this is not an online social solicitation LOL ...

... altho i've been told my blog is too "fragmented", it's not "focused" enough... if i want to talk about toys, then i should just focus on toys, and not movies, lifestyle, fashion and whatnot, becoz i might be "loosing" readers that way (which might not be too far from the truth actually :p) ... but the fact of the matter is, i do enjoy the "unbridled" opportunity to blog/chat/rant/rave about anything and everything i want so choose to, innit? and if i get to be able to share this with my like-minded readers (yes, you folks!), then that's all a good thing, innit? at least in my estimation :) ... let's geek-out together, shall we?


Just George said...

I say right on!! Keep doing what you do. The fact is I do give you my respect, I'm way too lazy to do what you do! As for the content, don't change a thing. Your's is the first place I go after emails. I like being able to get all sorts of news and tidbits. If it was a narrow focus, I'd be likely to stop checking in. It's the broad coverage of all the things I also like to see that keeps me coming back.

Keep up the great work!

David said...

I read this blog every day. I love the mix of cool stuuf. Dint change a thing. Hell, get geekier!

Denis said...

Yes, please!

s4ndm4n said...

Well I have to pose to you and all of your questioning friends, yet another questions? Why does anyone blog? Why is blogging such an explosion today? Because of all the reasons you've given and then some. People like to talk about their own interests and connect with others even if it is all through "comments" on a blog!

But then again, maybe it is just that you're a geek. Yeah umm ok :P

Anonymous said...

your blog is coool. i have one too; i mainly post pictures of food, fashion, toys, and youtube music videos.

Tom said...


toybot studios said...

hahaha! you get these questions too? toy bloggers unite! what I like about ToysRevil is the content is super fresh and comes in lots of bite size pieces every day.

I also like that you do cover a fairly wide range of toys especially the 1/6 stuff. The western stuff, although maybe popular in asia, we are bombarded with over here and it's the same stuff.....

I also like the movies and other stuff too. why not? blogs are supposed to be what you want to write about.

toysrevil said...

my humble thanks for the support and encouragement, George, David, Denis, Matthew, Tom and Kirkland! and you too Anonymous! LOL

George - you're not lazy, im just mad-in-da-head! LOL

David - dude you really dun want me to go even more geekier ... (but i just might LOL)

Matthew - *hands-up / stands-up / hello my name is andy and i am a geek* ... thanks for your blog and link, buddy! ... but for some strange reason VOX wouldn't let me leave a comment, even when i logged on ... :p

as for my friends who gave those remarks, the irony is, they don't read my blog that often (or even if they didn't i wouldnt know for sure LOL)

Anonymous - post whatever you like and enjoy, i say! that's the thing with "blogs", unless tis a specific "news-site", we can jolly well blog whatever we deem fit and suitable, yeh? IMHO, of coz ... and tis always cool that you have folks you can share with you, like alla you guys here! :)

Denis and Tom: whoo-hoo! letz get geekeeee LOL

Kirkland - totally hit it on the head, duder :))))

cheers guys and have a fab weekend!

neojett said...

keep on Roll, dude . me today first times see your blog, cool. Feel why dint noctice early like that .... Roll On .

toysrevil said...

cheers for finding my blog, neojett! ... im under the radar, i reckon LOL - and you're always welcomed here LOL

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