TOYSREVIL: Please introduce yourselves the TRE-readers?

PHU!: I go by the moniker, Phu! I’m a designer by day and a customiser by night. My Mecha-style custom work revolves on the concept of “rebel” and “phuturism” (read:futurism).

TOYSREVIL: How was 2008 for you?

PHU!: 2008 has been rewarding. Got invited to showcase my work at various exhibitions, steady stream of commissioned custom and sold out my first series of 2” Rebel Pilot.


TOYSREVIL: What was your Best purchase in 2008?

PHU!: The best and the biggest purchase thus far has gotta be my house and all the things to furnish it. No kidding on the amount of money spent.

TOYSREVIL: Recession got you down?

PHU!: Fortunately my custom work has not been affected. Numbers of commissioned work received have been unfailing.

TOYSREVIL: What would you consider to be a milestone you've achieved in 2008 thus far?

PHU!: Adiartist solo show at Adidas Originals where I showcased my customs and put up a live demo of my installation work.

[CLICK for PHU! @ adiartist on TRE]

TOYSREVIL: If you were given a choice to remember just one single memory for 2008 - What would that memory be? ... And what would you rather forget?

PHU!: Witnessing the birth of my daughter. She is definitely my pride and joy. And she has been my inspiration to work harder. What I should forget has been long forgotten.

TOYSREVIL: What are you looking forward to in 2009?

PHU!: Looking forward to the release of my 8” P-77 and second series of the 2” Rebel Pilots.

[CLICK for P-77 / CLICK for Rebel Pilots on TRE]

TOYSREVIL: Looking forward to them too! Have a fab 2009 bro!

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