Catch The Frak Up! (Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1-4 in 13 minutes)

I want to watch BSG Season Three onwards so bad, it hurts my head. CLICK THRU for the second part of CATCH THE FRAK UP! A 13 minutes summary of Battlestar Galactica Seasons One to Four (with hilarious-ish voiceover narrative) - before the Final 10 Episodes evah of Season 4.5 goes on air in the U.S. on January 16th ~ where the crew discovers "Earth"?

Part 2 of Catch The Frak Up:

BSG Season 4.5 Extended Trailer (Yes, they discover "Earth"...or do they?

Note: Anyone who knows of or run a decent and well-informed BSG fansite or website - please do feel free to drop your URL in the comments section, thanks!

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