Under The Influence: An Official Tribute to The Beastie Boys @ Gallery 1988, LA (Jan 8)

WHAT: Under the Influence: An Official Tribute To The Beastie Boys
WHEN: January 8th 2009 (7-10pm). Exhibits thru Jan 29th 2009.
WHERE: Gallery 1988 (www / 7020 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA)
REMARKS: Boasting a line-up of just about 100 artists, the show also includes prints and posters created specifically for the event (all limited edition), hand signed and numbered by the artists.

Shown left is artwork by Ken Keirns; "... And She's Just My Type" (11x14 - oil on board), while the image below is a new 3-color screen print by MCA Evil Design specifically for the event (11 x 17" - S/N edition of 50). Meanwhile, CLICK THRU for some select preview images.

Image-Source: G1988-blog

Aaron Jasinski
Alex Pardee
Allison Reimold
Andrew Hem
Andrew Wilson
Augie Pagan
Ben Walker
Brandon Sopinsky
Carlos Ramos
Casey Weldon
Chris B. Murray
Chris Roth
Chris Tezber
Dan Santat
Daniel Elson
Danielle Buerli
Danielle Rizzolo
Dave Chung
Dave Crosland
Dave Flores
Dave MacDowell
Dave Pressler
Doktor A
El Maz
Eric Tan
Erica Gibson
Frank Gonzales
Gideon Boomer
Gosha Levochkin
Isaac Bushkin
Israel Sanchez
Jason D'Aquino
Jason Sho Green
Jeff Ramirez
Jen Rarey
Jenn Lobo
Jesse Reklaw
Jesse Riggle
Jeremy Tinder
Jim FOODONE Mahfood
Joey D.
John Michael Gill
Johnny Bergeron
Johnny Yanok
Joshua Gorchov
Justin Kalmen
Keith Noordzy
Ken Garduno
Ken Keirns
Kiersten Essenpreis
Kii Arens
Lauren Gregg
Le Merde
Leanne Biank
Mark Brown
Martin Hsu
Matt Burlingame & Todd Neely
Matt Dangler
Matt Taylor
Max Grundy
Mear One
Michael Alvarez
Michael Page
Mike Maas
Mike Maxwell
Mylan Nguyen
Nathan Stapley
Patrick Gannon
Roland Tamayo
Ruel Pascual
Ryan Sanchez
Scott Saw
Scott Scheidly
Sean Clarity
Steve Bossler
The Silent Giants
Thomas Lynch
Tony Philippou
Tom Haubs
Tristan Eaton
Tyler Stout
The Uprising
Wade Schin

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