Wagon Queen Family Truckster by DrilOne for Multiple Personalities 2 @ LiFT Detroit


For his submission for the Multiple Personalities 2 group custom-show @ LiFT Detroit [WHAT], DrilOne called upon the great Chevy Chase for inspiration, or rather more specifically the 80's comedy classic "National Lampoon's Vacation" - where traveling to Disneyland "Wally World" will forever be changed for the Griswolds :)

DrilOne's WAGON QUEEN FAMILY TRUCKSTER aptly utilizes Filth x Kidrobot's 12 inch long DIY Station Wagon and comes decked out to the hilt with delish replication of the Griswold's "Sports Wagon" - including faux wood-paneling on a metallic pea-green surface, complete with the late Aunt Edna (or her feets!) nicely wrapped-up and strapped on the wagon-roof! CLICK THRU for a whopping 26-image (total) slideshow featuring completed custom, as well as work-in-progress pics (or visit Drils' flickr).

[26 images-total via Drils' flickr / includes video posted-below]

[Additional info via National Lampoon's wiki}


73challenger503 said...


Jonathan Johnson said...

I want one of these. Please make me one man.


good choice, Jonathan! It would do you well to hit up DrilOne at to commission him for one! Happy Travels :)

debi623 said...

Is this station wagen ever be up for sale ?


Unknown said...

you selling these? I want one.

Mark Stroud said...

Sooooooooo good!!! I wish this was mine.....pride of place on my Dash!!

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