Marilyn Mickies by Ron English x Garage Works Industries

After a toothy-GRIN retro-remake, Ron English takes a merry jaunt down mammary lane and melds two iconic icons with a mash-up to rattle the pop culture heritage-bone with MARILYN MICKIES!

Last seen as both artwork and sculpt in early-2009 at Ron's solo show @ Garage Works Industries Gallery (circa Jan 13) - the creation is now manifest unto a 20 inch tall fibreglass art sculpture, in an edition of 30 pieces (Numbered & Signed / includes Marilyn Mickies canvas print). When asked how similar the bust from show to production piece is - Art director/founder of Garage Works Industries & Made by Monsters - Chris Kong mentions: "The sculpture is the same but more refined, such as coloring, (and) additional eyelashes." = CLICK THRU for more peekies (it's okay, it's art!)


Produced by Garageworks Industries - Ron English's Marilyn Mickies will be made available via Garage Works Industries, as well as Opera Gallery. While "Price" for the item is on the QT - interested parties are to inquire via info@garageworksindustries.


[More event image via Hypebeast / event image via]

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