Exoskeletons 0-49 Print by The Tarantulas for SDCC 2009

From The Tarantulas comes 'Exoskeletons 0-49' = the first artwork in the Exoskeletons series - available as a numbered limited edition giclee print exclusively from Supermodifiedstudios stand #4537 at the San Diego Comic Con. The prints are available in two sizes: 10x12" in an edition of 10 and 16x20" in an edition of only 5.

The artwork introduces the first 50 Exoskeletons comprising various factions including 'Salvage Clowns', 'Sunroof Cult', 'Coin Ops' and 'Wolf Gang'. Do keep a look out for 'Exoskeletons 50-99' later in the year!


And if you're in SDCC this year (I wish I could be darnnit) - also keep a watch out for The Tarantulas' other SDCC-goodness, with his NIBBLER Glyos figure with Onell Design [tagged]!

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