Teaser For SDCC-Exclusive Soopa Maria by Erick Scarecrow x ESC Toy


San Diego Comic Con draws near as each day passes, and teasers are slowly (and will surely) trickling in - and the news of a 20-pcs edition SDCC-Exclusive SOOPA MARIA resin figure from Erick Scarecrow certainly has piqued my interest. I wonder what colorway it will be in? Will it be one of the colorways seen @ NYTF'09 earlier this year? ... The only one that hasn't yet been released is the green-colorway Maria, yeh? [CLICK for past Soopa Maria-coverage on TRE]

Stay tuned to TRE for more ESC Toy-goodies scheduled got SDCC, as well as Erick's signing schedule for the duration of the Convention, which also includes signing at DKE Toys' booth for 2 days.

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