Star Wars x TOUMA Keychains for TakaraTomyArts


TOUMA does Star Wars for TAKARATOMYARTS and we have ourselves 3-dimensional Touma-ized character keychains (first seen on TRE as 2D-graphics on acrylic-plated keychains for Celebration Japan)!

The series includes 10 characters from both the Rebellion and the Imperial Forces [CLICK THRU for individual images]. If online-translators work, there are also 2 secret type/figures!

Released on October 27th in Japan and available at 300 Yen per ~ the trick is to collect the entire set, innit? *Happy Capsule-Hunting, Folks!*

TOUMA has been involved in some pretty high-profile projects specifically with gashapons / keychains, what with Transformers: ROTF and Ultraman et al ~ and I'm personally hoping this will lead to eventual larger sized toys/figures with the distinctive TOUMA-touch! Meanwhile, I'm wondering if there'll be a second series of Star Wars figures (from the rest of the characters seen in the acrylic-keychain designs, innit?). *Cool*


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