Toy-Teaser: Clash Of The Titans' Perseus in 1/6 by Hot Toys


Hot Toys unveils the teaser of their 1/6th-scale PERSEUS from their licensed adaptation of the big-screen swords, sandals and man-skirts epic remake of Clash Of The Titans, featuring the likeness of Sam Worthington! Shown here is the demigod with a severed Medusa's head in hand, and shows that it is pretty much not your kiddie-toy right here (NOT that Hot Toys ever was, innit?). *Lovely*

While we wait for further product details and reveals, CLICK THRU for a gander at what other characters from the movie you'd like to see made into 1/6th ... weeeell, we can "wish", can't we? :)


- Above trailer first posted here in December 2009.
- "Clash Of The Titans" coverage on TOYSREVIL.
- Toy-License first announced in December 2009.

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