Spotted@SDCC: adidas Tron: Legacy Shoes @ End Of The Line Club

Two-Words: "TRON. SHOES."

Spotted on display at the "End Of The Line Club" @ San Diego Comic Con 2010 [tagged] ~ a promotional event venue for Disney's Tron: Legacy, as covered by Dave Cobb [blogged]. I am sure there is an "official" name for these sneaks ("Adidas TRON" Legacy"?), but "Tron Shoes" somehow sounds cooler, dunnit?

ADDED: Another SDCC-image via Kotaku.com:

A quick google yielded this on BNQT:
'The Adidas TRON mens collection will include apparel available in December 2010. Product features will include glow in the dark stitch detailing and reflective TRON disk screenprints to echo the lighting, color schemes and self-illuminated costumes featured in the film.'


Dave Cobb said...

I know, right???? I want those shoes SO. BAD.

Nicky said...

i wanna buy,where can i buy it???reply me as fast as you can please!

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