Toy-Review (Sorta): CNY TQ - Chinese New Year Tomorrow Queen by 3A Toys


TOY-STORY: The CNY TQ ("Chinese New Year Tomorrow Queen") was released in early 2010 as a gift for "family and friends" of ThreeA Toys, and was limited to around 20 pieces of the female 1/6th-scaled form clad in a micro-mini "cheong sum" oriental dress, as well wearing a pair of uber-high-heels and a signature of 3A by now: heavy-set gloved hands. TQ also sported a katana. As well, there were different hair-colors released.

A small number were also unleashed on via the 3A-store, which no doubt left a select few folks utterly happy. was happy with mine, and this perhaps is the first time I have posted these amount of images here (that posted one sole snap did not really count, I reckon). A black-clad CNY TQ was subsequently released in 2011 as well, with only 10 pieces made. (No, I did not get that one).


I would be the first to admit that this seems like a "cop-out" review, as the figure is still snug in her plastic-box, and hardly be able to be assessed by my grubby paws! Perhaps one day I will debox her and give her a thorough-run (including body-snaps, yes you pervs, "nekkid dolly snaps"!), Meanwhile, make do with this earlier post featuring a black-haired version of this sweetie out-of-box.


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