KFHC Monster Raffle to benefit Japan Red Cross

KFHC is doing an online raffle to raise money for the Japan Red Cross, with 100% of the proceeds from this raffle will go directly to the Japan Red Cross. Raffle tickets to go on sale June 1st @ for a drawing on June 25th (winners will be notified via email and prizes sent out shortly after). Tickets will be US$5 a piece, with no ;\limit to the quantity of tickets to buy, and these are the prizes to be had from the following folks:

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore / Velocitron / Bob Conge (Plaseebo) / Lamour Supreme / Koji Harmon (Cometdebris) / Jeff Lamm (Greasebat) / Mishka / Adam Saul (ASPrinting Press) / Splurrt / Happiness Bastard / Smash Tokyo Toys / LiLJAPAN / We Kill You / Screen-Queen / Eric Smith (Full Blown Ink) / DDR Projects / Super 7 / Ultra Pop / Monster Worship


Shown here are items from Bob Conge (Plaseebo), Jeff Lam, Happiness Bastard and Velocitron. Check out for more updates.

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