Quad Stug 70mm Plastic Figure from Rivet Wars


And while I managed to score for myself a Allies Vert Tank (well, three of them anyways ;p), I totally missed out on the Allies Grunt 2-Pack (which is currently sold out / shown below), so the need to procure a Quad Stug 70mm Plastic Figure is greatly diminished for me personally, as I can't build my army! … But YOU can! Priced at US$28 ore (san shipping), you can purchase it now via!
"Quad Stug 70mm Plastic Figure with simulated battle damage. Each figure is hand poured in grey plastic and comes with a stats card describing the vehicle. This figure is in scale with the vert tank and 35mm grunts."

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Ted Terranova said...

Oh no! I didn't know you wanted a grunt. Drop me an email and I'll see if I can make you one. The molds are in bad shape but I'll try to see if I can pull something out of them. Also I'm thinking I might make new molds at some point. Maybe when I make the blighter grunt. A two pack with one blighter and one allied guy maybe. Don't get out of the fight :) "info [at]"


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