KROTE (with Kow Yokoyama) @ Re-Venture by 3A Toys (#RVHK2012)


One of the key figurines on show at Re-Venture by 3A Toys over the weekend, was 'KROTE' = a collaboration with famed Ma.K-creator Kow Yokoyama! (I first posted the pic HERE). On display was the unpainted prototype and it looks simply splendid! And while it may not look as different that it's original form, one can't expect all of their products to be re-imagined forms (like their Zaku 'Inspirational Model), do they?

Regardless of design-intentions, this looks ridiculously cool, and given 3A's track record of weathering their products? This looks set to become a stunner, IMHO! And the illumination in the figure - while switched-on - is a swell touch, methinks.


[Images by 3A VOX + Ying Choy / Terenace Tam - Posted with Permission]

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