Tomorrow Queens & 1/6 Ladies @ Re-Venture by 3A Toys (#RVHK2012)

[Popbot's Lady Sham looking awesome / swell sculpt & paint-work]

Female-figurines looks to have a decently strong showing at the recent weekend's Re-Venture show by 3A Toys! Besides the 'new' ladies in 1/6th-scale (Lady Sham, TQ twins and Mrs Shadow), there was also the inclusion of two 1:1-sized "Tomorrow Queens" in cosplay (Yes, I felt their skirt could've been shorter - to match the toys - of course but then again that'll make me sound like a real 'dog', innit? Go, girls, GO! *cough*)


[Images by 3A VOX + Joe Au-Yeung on the ThreeA Legion Asia Facebook-group / Ying Choy / Pansy Chan - Posted with Permission]

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