Custom-Feature: 'Tyrion Lannister' Mini Munny by Darren 'Klang' Clegg

From Darren 'Klang' Clegg comes "Tyrion Lannister", from the "Games of Thrones" series - customized from a 4 inch mini munny and currently available for sale here @ £80 for this one-off custom.
"From the Epic 'Game of Thrones' comes Tyrion Lannister, the third and youngest child of Tywin and Joanna. Tyrion is a dwarf; because of this he is sometimes mockingly called the Imp and the Halfman. He is one of the major POV Characters in the books. In the TV series, Tyrion is played by Peter Dinklage."

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CRAIChead said...

Looks more like the face of boe with a body

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