CustomPainted ASTRO-BATS from Brandt Peters x RealXHead for “Outer Limits Tour” @ Stranger Factory

“ASTRO-BAT” is the name of this collaborative “Chaosman” from Brandt Peters x RealXHead, with the very first editions to be unleashed at the weekend’s “Outer Limits Tour” in Stranger Factory, featuring the hand-painted versions see here! In an edition of 6 in this micro-run, you’d do well to email “” for when the online sales begins 12 PM NOON (PST) Monday August 8th … if they don’t get picked up at the show itself though!

Scroll down for more snaps, including another custom-painted, a sketch and an OG-blog sofubi “Astro-Bat”!

and they’ll have “capes” too? AWESOME!

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