Stellia Anatomical Unicorno by Jason Freeny x tokidoki x Mighty Jaxx for #STGCC2016

Just replace the word “Stellia” over “Jolene” in this Dolly Parton song (sung here by Miley Cyrus) and you’ll have a much desired toy for STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) from Jason Freeny x tokidoki x Mighty Jaxx, I don’t know why … maybe tis the abject joy of seeing a Unicorn dissected and skeletonized that has suddenly hyped up the desire in my lil’toy-loving heart (yes, you’ve seen this before) … although I wonder what happened to the anatomical SANDy we saw a while back tho … “more surprises”, I hope? Now THAT, is to die for, can? :)

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